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Page 9 - Sharpening a Crosscut Saw

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/3/1 (848 reads)

or an old five-cent piece. Every tooth must now be checked to bend alternately one - side or the other at exactly the same angle • called set. The gauge for that (either a purchased four-legged piece of metal or a homemade one of four screws in wood, one A I' A • 6 NOT 0 11 Af'GtJF 6 otiToor'' • ? .i'm screw in a turn or so more xhan the others • the slight difference being the proper angle of a set tooth away from the blade) is set against the blade with the top leg against the back (unsharpened face) of a tooth. If the two side legs don't sit flush there is too much angle on the tooth. If the top and bottom legs wobble there is not enough angle. When the set is just right all four legs sit flush. To correct the an? gle, one of two tools was generally used. The older one hooked the tooth and bent it as required. It was a dangerous tool, easy to slip over those freshly sharpened teeth • but preferred to the newer tool, a punch, as less likely to dull the tooth. The punch was hammered to the block, and the crosscut blade (out of the clamp) was moved along flush to the back of the punch, and as every other tooth went under the punch it was rapped with a hammer into the proper set. Then the blade was turned o- ver and the unset teeth were struck. Brookside Laundromat INGONISH On the Cabot Trail OPEN 8 A M to Midnight Phone (902) 794-7251 Cable BRENNANS Telex 019-35149 Night & Holiday 736-8479 794-3178 ...... Brennans 'S' Travel Agency fiAnx.' PURVES STREET, NORTH SYDNEY S T fT A M S M I p - A i R L I N E --- RAIL AND hotel' accommodations Telephone 295-2533 "'' Twining Street Baddeck JACK'S POWER PRODUCTS Sales and Service of PIONEER and HOMELITE CHAIN SAWS and Garden Tractors Rotary & Riding Mowers Rotary Tillers Mini Bikes and Mud Bugs Authorized BRIGGS and STRATTON and TECUMSEH Small Engines Parts Sales & Service Cape Breton's Magazine/9
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