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Page 10 - The Life of the Lobster

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1974/3/1 (4130 reads)

The Life of the Lobster continued from back cover shore and off-shore in response to temperature, Herrick: "The lobster never moves up and down the coast like the migratory fishes....In the spring months of April and May, however, large numbers appear to move from deeper water toward the shore. In the fall they retire to deeper water again...,Lobsters probably do not, as a rule, move in schools, but approach and leave the shores gradually with the change of temperature, yet a sudden cold snap seems to cause thera to disappear promptly from any locality. It is probable that their disappearance under such circumstances may be explained by their burrowing in the mud." The lobster burrows backwards, as it Egg about 28 hours after fertilization; embryo at 8 days; about 10 days; 11 days. swims. A.C.Smith (1885): "The tail is slowly drawn up at first, taking as much of the mud as possible on its underside; then, when well under the body, a final power? ful jerk sends the mud or sand from out in front, and at the same time draws the lobster farther back into the cavity thus made, enabling him to get a better grasp for repeating the process over and over again, till by degrees he disappears from sight," Herrick: "The most powerful organ of locomotion is its tail. By flexion of this, aided by the extended tail-fin, the animal is able to shoot backward through the water with astonishing rapidity. When...surprised it seems to disappear with a single leap or bound as a locust or grasshopper might do...(and thus; xvcre called by 2incient writers locustae, or 'Locusts of the sea.'" Herrick; Sluggish as it often appears out of water and partially exhausted, it is GEORGE'S DAIRY Mr. Langille:"But George your prices are high." George:"I know. That's why we buy at Campbell's Cash Market." JM'S' CO-OP Building Supplies and Harbour Homes • your best Cape Breton Source of PRE-ASSEMBLED HOMES and COHAGES Complete stocks of lumber, building supplies. Plumbing, Heatipg and Electcical materials. We cater to the building public CO-OD CO-OP BUILDING SUPPLIES '' '' '' i' 1 Kings Road, Sydney 539-6410 Station St?, Port Hawkesbury 625-2600 Operated by Maritime Co-operative Services Ltd. Cape Breton's Magazine/10 Where Better Service Costs No More MacLeod's FINA Baddeck CERAMICS WOODWORKING • EAVIN5 Island Crafts iVholesale and Retail ALL ITEMS MADE IN CAPE BRETON 320 Commercial Street, North Sydney 794-3355 H00KIN3 KNITTIN3 CROTCHETING D. GOLDMAN & SONS LTD. "THfc HOMKOP H ESK FOOD" • Gallant Street/ Glace Bay • Terminal Bldg Sydney Airport
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