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Page 59 - Cockfighting: an Introduction

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1990/8/1 (174 reads)

But, the thing is to know your bird when you breed it, and you get to know what weight he can handle, and what length--how quick he cuts, or how fast he cuts, what angle of gaff works best on him. (Oh, you determine this.... Each person does it for his own bird.) Uh- huh, his own bird. (There's not a rule on how long the gaff has to be.) No, no rule on how long it has to be. (And no rule on what angle it has to be at?) No, no. You can use a regular hook, or drop. No, nothing on the length. Just each fighter uses what he figures his bird handles best. The only other spur that they fight with--and they never use them here--very few Americans use them-- but the Filipinos, that's all they use. And the Mex? icans use them. It's what they call the "Mexican slasher • " That's what's cruel. Mexican slasher is one spur--that's all they put on a bird--one spur on one leg. And it's like a double-edged sword. And it just slices the bird. Those fights last--a long fight would be--4 or 5 minutes would be a long fight. See, these fights here--the spurs we use-- I've had a bird that fought 2 1/2 hours. (2 1/2 hours!) 2 1/2 hours. (And what's going on while they're fighting?) They just keep 'em getting blinked, they're getting blind, and they're getting crippled, and they just keep going, though. They keep--get rattled. They're just like a needle, eh? And they don't bleed. There's no gory blood around. The only gory blood you get is when one gets his lung punctured, and blood comes out his mouth--it's froth, eh? But these Mexican slashers, they just--oh, yes, chop them to ribbons. (But a 2 1/2-hour fight--would there be rounds? Like, would they fight for so long. Chinese porcelain cock 2nd quarter 18th century then you ring a bell and stop it?) No, no, no. You fight till the birds get hooked. What happens: one bird will maybe drive his spur in a wing or something, and get in too far. And he can't get it out. So then they're tied up. So when they're hooked, the ref? eree will call for a break. So you'll break. There's a guy in there all the time refereeing. (So the referee calls for a break. Then what happens?) You handle your bird. (The two men who own them.) The two men--each guy grabs his own bird, very gently, and you sort out any spurs that are hooked or stuck. Then you go back to your own side of the pit--you're both one on each side. And there's a line--probably about 3 feet from the wall. And you stand on that line, or behind that line. And the referee counts to 21. And you drop your bird again. And they go again. Till they're hooked again. A fight that goes an hour or over, and both birds are beat, crippled, half blind, and not even picking that much. So then they call for a "centre score." So then when he's done counting, he puts a centre line, and then when he counts, you put the birds head-to-head on the centre line. And they'll get beat so bad--they'11 stay-- they'll be so tired--that whichever bird White's Upholstering Household & Commercial ~ Camping & Camping Equipment Repairs 'Household Furniture Upholstering ~ Campers • Trailer Cushions Screens • Windows • Boats • Bikes Plastic & Zipper Repairs • Auto Seats & Upholstering • ALL WORK GUARANTEED • OPEN: Monday-Friday; half-day Saturday (after hours and Sundays call Mike 564-2074) CaU & Inquire about our Free Estimate Free Delivery In Cape Breton • Discount for Senior Citizens Kyte'sHUl • Phone:562-3262 • ''eCoverthtlsland" • "For all your insurance needs • call us and compare" TENANTS • HOME • LIFE • R.R.S.P. CAR BOAT BUSINESS BLAINE NEWCOMBE JOHN NEWCOMBE Senior Account Agent SEARS 1028 Kings Road, Sydney River 525 George Street, Sydney Bus.: 539-1122 • Res.: 727-2511 Bus.: 564-6427 • Res.: 562-1230 /instate IfouVe in good hands.
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