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Page 21 - From a Night at Bob Fitzgerald's

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (270 reads)

But this one I'm going to tell you--this is one that convinced me. and will always con? vince me, that there is supernatural things. No question on it. I and my brother Scotty--! was about 14, I suppose, some? wheres around there--12 or 14--and he was a couple of years younger than me. But a wood road that we had to haul wood out of the mountain at White Point came right along by our neighbour's house. In fact, the road was so close to the corner of the house, that we had to put skids up to keep the sleighs from hitting the house. It passed right along by the corner of the house. Now, the woman got sick. We all lived in White Point at the same time--but the wom? an got sick, that lived in this house. And so, her mother and father lived nearby. SCHWARTZ...HAVE A GOOD SLEEP-ON US! CHOOSE ONE OF THESE 'Q'fi&M;??] QUALITY BUNK BEDS AT THESE LOW SCHWARTZ PRICES NOW!!! 39" CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS ALL WOOD BUNK BED AND 4 DRAWER CHEST :an be used L-shaped or • IMMEDIATE DELIVERY PERSONALIZED SHOPPING /chuiortz 325 VULCAN AVE. SYDNEY And her husband took her, and left the house, and went with her mother and father so the mother could look after her. And he closed the house up. And he boarded the windows up--nailed boards up to the win? dows. And he locked the door. There was only one door going into the house. It was only just a kitchen and a room. There was just one door going in the house--that's all there was. And there was a padlock on that door--I passed by it a hundred times and saw it a hundred times. A galvanized padlock, one of the old kind with the slide over the keyhole so that it wouldn't get rusty.... There was 18 inches of snow on that door? step, on the platform. There wasn't a hu? man track on it. Every window in it was boarded up solid. The door was locked. There was nobody in that house. That I can go on a Bible and swear to. I and my brother came by that house in the evening. And we were young fellows. And when we got to the cor? ner of that house, there was somebody working in the house. And the two of us stopped. And Scotty said to me, "There's somebody in that house." And we were right side of the door-- there's the door--there's not a track at the door. The house is locked, the windows are boarded up. And there were 3 men working in that house. We didn't just hear a noise in the house. Remember, I can hear it yet. There was somebody planing boards in that house with a plane--a hand plane. There was somebody hammering with a hammer--pounding. And there was somebody with a handsaw, sawing. We were standing as close to the corner of that house as I am to that there--just as close. Just a wall between us. And there's 3 men work? ing in that house, at the one time. No ifs, and's. or but's about it--there's 3 men working in there. Now, there's nobody in there. There's 18 inches of snow on the doorstep. The door is locked, the windows are boarded, and there's no? body in there. Now, that's the one thing in this blessed world that con? vinced me that you can hear SHOWROOMS AND WAREHOUSE 539-4404
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