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Publisher: Ronald Caplan

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Cape Breton's Magazine

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Issue 74  

Issue 74

Cape Breton's Magazine, Issue 74

With George Prosser of Whitney Pier • Memories of Lillian Crewe Walsh • Lauchie MacLellan, Centreville: 2 Short Stories Told to his Granddaughter, Linda MacLellan • From Italian Lives, Cape Breton Memories: From the Memoirs of Thomas Cozzolino • Clarence Barrett and the Bears •High Praise for Wild Honey: A New Book of 45 Poems by Aaron Schneider • Chasse aux Lievres - Snaring Rabbits • The Sinking of the Patrick Morris -One Sailor's Day • A Taste of Hiking Trai of Cape Breton: A New Book by Michael Haynes • A Visit with the MacLeods at Belfry • Cape Breton's Magazine CENTRE for Documentary Field Studies: Yvonne Mclnnes Sturgess, in Waipu • A Story For Children by James B. MacLachlan: Floors that Have Talked to Me • Allan MacLeod: Stories and Gaelic Songs •

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